Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 1

Today was our first day back in the field for this trapping session. The day started out with us looking under the metal cover boards at Long Tin. We caught 11 lizards in the hour and a half that we were there. This has so far been our most productive outing yet. Not only did we catch a lot of lizards but we found a lot of ticks, our last one had 5 ticks and mites on it. We also found a male broad head skink that was 114 mm long and 54 g, the biggest one yet. Once we finish there we ran some errands for a few hours, picking up more supplies and getting a badge for another undergrad who is helping out this week. Then it was off to Dry Bay and Four Mile to set up the mammal traps and open the pitfall traps. We’re using a new bait mix for the small mammal traps so hopefully we will catch more mice tonight then we have been. Tomorrow is going to an early day, fingers crossed we get a lot of animals!
The picture is of the huge male broad head we caught.

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