Monday, June 14, 2010

May 21st

Last day of my first week and it’s a very short yet early day. We didn’t have to go to Dry Bay because we already completed the three nights of trapping. We went straight to Four Mile and checked all the traps, there wasn’t anything in the Sherman traps and only some frogs (the southern leopard and southern toad) were in the pitfalls. Next trip we will be using new bait for the small mammal traps (it’s lard, peanuts, and sunflower seeds all mixed in a blender) so hopefully we will catch more mammals, plus the longer the traps are out the less they will smell of people and the more they will become part of the environment. Fingers crossed we can figure out why there have not been any ticks on the mice (as far as we can tell). Either way I have a feeling that what we find out is going to be very important to understand the ecology and behavior of Iscap. Now it is time to get in the car and drive back up north!

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